Promoting Student Research





                                                                 Typing For $Ten


Louisiana Tech University CSC Students were visibly involved in an on-campus event assisting participating students in keystroke data collection and registration during our Typing for $Ten experiment involving 1,000 Louisiana Tech University students, faculty and staff.


CSC_Students_0013.jpg                       CSC_Students_0019.jpg

        CSC Students                                         CSC Student

K. Abir Rahman, Chuka Okoye                    Abena Primo

     & David Irakiza

CSC_Students_0026.jpg                             CSC_Students_0035.jpg

        CSC Student                                      CSC Student Jun-Dong Chen

Ankunda (Anky) Kiremire                   Assistant Professor Dr. Kiran Balagani




CSC_Students_0049.jpg                        CSC_Students_0060.jpg

       CSC Student                                             CSC Student

       Justin Rice                                               Stephan White




CSC_Students_0065.jpg                         CSC_Students_0066.jpg

       CSC Student                                              CSC Student

  Md. Shafaeat Hossain                                 Md. Arafat Sultan